The Have You Had the Talk™ Campaign urges all adults to consider what
kind of care and plans they want followed if they ever need to rely on
someone else for their medical care and decision making. The best time
to plan and prepare is when there is no emergency, no crisis, no
scrambling. The Talk is a gift to anyone who needs to know what you
want when you can no longer speak for yourself. And it is a gift of
peace of mind to you.

* Clarify your wishes,
* organize your paperwork,
* and have The Talk with the people you love.

If you become ill, does your spouse or your child know who your doctors
are? Do they know the names of the prescriptions you take, what you
take them for and the correct dosage? Do you think they know your
health status?

It may surprise you: they probably don't.

Have You Had the Talk™ is a campaign to get people talking about the
important things that never get talked about.

Don't put this Booklet aside! It's meant to be easy, so that you'll
actually start it and finish it.

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